Better Basic Broadband Scheme

If your property is not included in the current superfast broadband programme and you can only access a speed of 2Mbps or less, there is a government scheme in place to help you access better broadband.

This is called the Better Basic Broadband Subsidy, but is also known as the national Universal Service Commitment.

To obtain this subsidy, you have to apply for a voucher code, which can then be used in part-payment for the installation of a broadband solution.

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Individual Properties

Through the scheme, residents with broadband connections of less than 2Mbps have the opportunity to apply for a subsidy of up to £350 towards the installation and set up of a satellite or fixed wireless broadband solution for their property.

Those who receive the subsidy will be able to choose from a particular range of broadband suppliers and plans, each offering varying speeds, data limits and prices.

We recommend comparing the various services on offer before placing an order. The different suppliers are listed below.

If you think you are eligible and wish to apply for a subsidy, please follow the process outlined at the bottom of this page.

Groups of Properties e.g. hamlets or villages

If you live in an area where multiple properties are eligible for the subsidy, you can add your subsidies together and put the combined amount towards a fixed wireless or fixed line superfast broadband service for the wider community, if this is more appropriate.

This may mean that you can access a better broadband service by working together than if you each applied on your own. If you wish to do this, please speak directly to your broadband supplier.

Companies taking part in the national Better Basic Broadband Subsidy Scheme include:



 4G Broadband

In some areas it may be possible to order a 4G sevice using the subsidy. On the whole, 4G provides a faster internet service than satellite and offers larger monthly data packages. The latency of a 4G service is usually lower compared to satellite.

Two such providers registered under this scheme are 4G Internet and Broadband Shack. Other providers may be available.

Apply for a Subsidy Code

If you are eligible for the scheme, you will need to apply for a subsidy code to give your supplier so that they can claim the money for your solution from the government.

If you would like to apply for a subsidy code, there is a simple four stage process outlined below:

Stage 1: Register your details with us

  • Fill in the boxes below with your name, email address and the phone number of the telephone line that has broadband speeds below 2Mbps
  • Enter your postcode and click 'Find Address'. Select your address from the list and click the submit button (Please enter your postcode with the usual spaces, e.g. "SO23 8UJ" rather than "SO238UJ")
  • We will send you an automated email confirming your registration, your reference number and a PDF copy of the Application Guide

Stage 2: Find out if you are eligible

  • We will check if your address is eligible and email you with an answer within 30 days. If you are eligible we will email you with further details and a link to the second stage of the application form

Stage 3: Register with central government

  • Visit the government website and complete a second, more detailed form. We are sorry that there are two forms to fill in, but the government needs to ask a few more specific questions in order to verify your application
  • After submitting the second form you will receive a subsidy code via email within 30 days

Stage 4: Place the order with your preferred supplier:

  • Use your subsidy code to place an order with any of the suppliers listed above that operate in Hampshire. Your code will be valid for 30 days.

To apply, please complete the form below:

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  • The personal data you provide will be treated in accordance with UK Data Protection Legislation. We will use the information to notify you of changes to the Broadband provision within your area.
  • We will keep your personal information until the Hampshire Superfast Broadband programme is completed.
  • The legal basis for our use of this information is ‘Consent for specific purposes of processing’
  • You have some legal rights in respect of the personal information we collect from you. Please see our Data Protection website page for further details.
  • You can contact the County Council’s Data Protection Officer at
  • If you have a concern about the way we are collecting or using your personal data, you should raise your concern with us in the first instance or directly to the Information Commissioner’s Office at


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