Why is your broadband not up to speed?

Try our tips and simple fixes which may help to improve your broadband speed at home.

1) Router placement

Move the router away from sources of electrical and radio interference

There are quite a few things that can affect your router's performance if you position it too close. So make sure it's at least five feet away from TVs, monitors, dimmer switches, PC speakers, halogen desk lamps, and so on. Wireless works best when there's clear space between the router and the computer. That means no thick walls, ceilings, radiators, and anything else that could get in the way of the signal.

2) Micro-filter

Make sure that you have a micro-filter on all equipment plugged into the broadband line

If you're plugging any item into a socket on your broadband line - phone, router, modem, fax, alarm or a TV - you must always plug it into a micro-filter before plugging it into the line socket.

Plug your router into your main telephone socket rather than an extension

If this is an option in your premises, try using the main telephone socket. And make sure you use a micro-filter.

3) Your computer

Try a different computer on the same connection

If you’re not experiencing the same problems when using a different computer, you'll know that the problem lies with your original computer.

Empty cache

It is a simple fix that removes cookies and browsing data. For windows users, select keys CTRL, SHIFT, DELETE and follow pop up instructions. For MAC users, select COMMAND, SHIFT, DELETE and follow pop up instructions.

Scan for viruses

Viruses can also affect the speed of your connection. Make sure to scan your computer regularly using the anti-virus software.

4) Network Security

Check the security of your network

To ensure that no one else is enjoying your network for free, change your Wi-Fi password regularly.

Still not getting anywhere? There might a physical fault with your network. Please get in touch with your broadband provider for additional support.

For more advice visit Ofcom’s guide to Broadband Speeds.

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