Superfast Broadband for your home

Superfast Broadband lets you and your family do more on-line, faster than ever before.  Never again will you have to suffer delayed buffering or take turns to enjoy all that the World Wide Web has to offer. Below are just a few out of the many advantages of the improved broadband service.

Stream, download & play

Enjoy the universe of endless entertainment with seamless streaming and downloading of the latest blockbusters, catch-up TV and music. Easily accessible even in HD and with the long buffering being a thing of the past, you’ll be able to watch the newest films, keep up to date with the top shows & dramas and listen to the latest releases from your favourite artists in no time.

On-line gaming has also never been easier – with Superfast Broadband you can play top games with players across the globe with no delays or interruptions.  

Stay connected

Keep in touch with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites. Upload pictures, share content and comment on the latest updates from your closed ones in seconds.

Enjoy long undisturbed chats on video calling apps such as Skype or FaceTime and never miss out on what’s the latest with your family and friends.

Keep informed

Keep up to date with the latest news and gossip via your favourite newspapers, news outlets and the BBC.

Never miss out on what’s going on in your local area and connect with your local community. To see what’s on in Hampshire visit the official Hampshire tourism website 

Access essential services

Save time and money by accessing the essential services on-line with an interrupted connection at any time of the day. Grocery shopping and quick-access banking are now easier than ever before and can be accessed quickly from the comfort of your home.


The Internet provides an ever-expanding source of information. It is ideal for homework research and help with school projects. It also allows you to study from home with a wide variety of on-line and e-learning courses.

Work from home

Whether you’re taking a break from the office or starting your own on-line business, working from home can be more time and cost efficient. With the advantages of cloud computing and on-line collaboration, you can implement and share ideas in no time. Our reliable Superfast Broadband will allow you to enjoy a smooth work day without the need & cost of commuting.

Access Internet from multiple devices simultaneously

Enjoy all of the above options from multiple devices and at the same time. Superfast Broadband will allow you to explore all of the above features uninterrupted from numerous devices simultaneously; including: desktop and laptop computers, tablets, mobile phones, e-readers, smart TVs and game consoles.


Find out when Superfast Broadband is coming to your area

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