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About Code Club

At Code Club, a core belief is that all children should have the opportunity to learn to code, no matter who they are or where they come from.

This is why they support a nationwide network of volunteers and educators who run free coding clubs, where young people aged 9–13 build and share their ideas with code while learning along the way. They have established a body of Code Clubs in libraries across Hampshire, and we'd like your help to keep it growing.


Code Club provides everything you need to volunteer. The clubs are aimed at for 9 - to 13-year-olds and are completely free. They can take place at a school, library, or community venue in your local area.

You don’t need to be an experienced coder to volunteer, you just need to be willing to learn some basic Scratch, Python or HTML alongside your club. In fact, helping young people use our projects is a great way for you to pick up new skills whilst inspiring the next generation of coders and digital makers. There are free and easy step-by-step guides that support this learning.

 The projects gradually introduce coding concepts to allow young people to build their knowledge incrementally, which also means there’s no need for the adult running the session to be a computing expert.

Essential info for volunteers:

  • Commit for a minimum of 12 weeks
  • Spend 1 hour per week, usually after school
  • Help out around 15 young people aged 9–13
  • Volunteer solo, or team up with friends or colleagues and take turns
  • A club host will be there at the venue to support you

 To get involved, register here and get in touch with our Regional Coordinator Dan Powell at southeast@codeclub.org.uk


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