iPad Lending and Training Scheme with Hampshire Libraries

The DOTS Project

Starting from July 2017, the scheme aims to improve access to digital and online services by loaning iPads to eligible residents and target groups across Hampshire. Eligible customers will be provided with the training, knowledge and skills to fully utilise tablet technology to access relevant library services and the wider benefits of becoming digitally enabled, including boosting use of health information and advice.

The iPads will be pre-loaded with online library services as well as useful applications linking to themes such as health and well being, and information about local communities and services. Residents will not have to be library customers to be eligible, but they will be required to join the library to be part of the project.

This iPad lending project directly supports the Hampshire Library Service’s strategic aims, which strongly reflect both the Society of Chief Librarians’ five Universal Offers and the outcomes identified in the Libraries Taskforce’s ‘Libraries Deliver: Ambition for Public Libraries in England 2016 to 2021’.


 It contributes to the achievement of the National Universal Offer in the following ways:

• Supporting and encouraging reading and literacy through online access to library services, including e-books and resources

• Helping customers to access and use tablets, apps, websites etc. to access relevant information and services

• Promoting health and wellbeing by using the tablets to provide access to relevant information and using the wider project to work with partners to identify people at risk of social isolation

• Provide access to trusted sources of information through use of the tablets and pre-loaded services, applications, links and signposting

• Facilitate and provide learning through support and training in the use of tablets.

 Libraries Taskforce

The benefits of the scheme also cover the following Libraries Taskforce outcomes:

  • stronger, more resilient communities
  • increased reading and literacy
  • improved digital access and literacy and
  • healthier and happier lives!


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