Broadband briefing for Fareham constituency with Suella Fernandes MP

On Friday 28th October over 50 residents from the constituency of Fareham attended a broadband briefing at Whiteley community centre. 

Suella Fernandes, MP for Fareham, called the broadband summit to discuss ongoing broadband issues in the Fareham and Whiteley area. Speakers included Emma Howarth, BT Openreach's director for the South East, Grant Munn, BT programme manager for Hampshire, Hugh Woolford from Virgin Media and directors of the Hampshire Superfast Broadband Programme. 

Gerard Powis from BT's chief engineers office gave a brief presentation on the engineering challenges faced in the Whiteley area due to issues within the exchange. The plan to resolve these isssues has short and longer term activities. Resolution started from summer 2016 and will continue through 2017.  Hugh Woolford from Virgin Media gave an update on Virgin's coverage in the area. Glenn Peacey from the Hampshire Superfast Broadband Programme outlined existing and planned coverage under the county council's programme. 

Fareham constituency is made up of 43,714 premises. Broadband coverage in Fareham Constituency is amongst the best in the country, more than 95% of premises are able to access to access superfast broadband above 24Mbps and almost 85% of premises have access to ultrafast broadband of 100 Mbps or more via Virgin Media’s cable network. 

The Hampshire Superfast Broadband programme is due to upgrade 26 cabinets across Fareham constituency. Once our upgrades are completed in 2018, coverage will be at 99% across the constituency. 

Any residents experiencing faults and service issues should raise them through their service provider. 


Coverage across Fareham Constituency:



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