Sky Fibre Trial in Basingstoke

Basingstoke will be one of the first in the UK to trial the benefits of superfast Sky Fibre - bringing residents speeds up to 150 Mb on wireless and even up to 950Mb on wired connections.

Hampshire County Council’s Superfast Broadband Programme is committed to bringing superfast broadband services to as many areas of Hampshire as possible and we encourage any local initiatives which support that mission. 

Sky’s Superfast Broadband Trial in Basingstoke will deliver innovative superfast services directly to residents’ homes.The trial in Basingstoke is just one of many that Sky are undertaking around the country. The trial is a separate initiative, conducted and sponsored by Sky.

How will it work?

Sky will build a brand new fibre broadband network for the Basingstoke trial. This network will deliver the service directly to residents’ homes via overhead lines. The overhead lines will look similarly to the ones used to provide electricity or telephone services.

When the network in Basingstoke is up and running residents will be given a chance to sign up for the trial service. Once a customer has signed up, Sky will run a brand new fibre line from the nearest pole and attach it to the side of the resident’s home. A dedicated engineer from Love Digital, Sky’s installation partner, will then complete the second part of the installation bringing the line into the resident’s home, setting up the trial router and ensuring the service is up and running.


  • First communication with residents–Sky’s street team will hand deliver a letter with detailed information about the trial on the 10th of June.
  • Poles installation -works requests have been submitted with poles installation starting from the 17th of June.
  • Sign-ups - Sky will dispatch a dedicated team to take sign ups from the end of June.
  • Broadband going live - first trialists should be going active in mid July.

Contact details and additional information

Residents will be able to contact Sky’s Love Digital Resident Trial Team on 020-8760-7684 with any queries about the trial services.


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