New Build Sites and Retrofit Agenda

The Hampshire Superfast Broadband Programme aims to extend coverage to rural areas of the county which make up the final 4% of premises. With our limited funding, we are working hard to reach as many areas as possible that are suffering from slow internet speeds. 

New housing developments are frequently constructed without the infrastructure in place to support superfast broadband services, despite a fast broadband connection being considered by many to be the fourth utility. Hampshire County Council is working to encourage developers to ensure that new build sites include the infrastructure to support superfast broadband. We are encouraging property developers to join us in retrofitting property developments that have been built in the last 5 years by installing infrastructure to allow the residents to “switch on” to superfast speeds.

The council aims to "Retro-fit" property developments built in the last 5 years by engaging with developers to encourage them to work with us to increase the reach of the Superfast Broadband project. 

Hampshire County Council will seek to ensure that new homes being built and sold in Hampshire have access to superfast broadband. It has pledged to work with district and borough councils, developers and broadband suppliers to make access to superfast speeds a requirement when constructing new property sites. If voluntary arrangements and existing planning powers do not support sufficient progress, it will be calling on Government to give councils powers to secure this through planning processes, especially on large scale developments.

The pledge was set out in a Notice of Motion, which won cross-party backing from the County Council on 27 November 2014.

Council Leader Roy Perry said people moving into new homes had every right to expect to have fast broadband. "We will use our best endeavours in our negotiations to make sure we can get this matter sorted for people of Hampshire," he said.

In April this year the County Council held a Broadband Forum for Hampshire property developers, district councils, estate agents. The forum outlined the benefits to both residents and developers of installing infrastructure at a property site from the outset and explained ways for developers to begin this process going forward.

Help for consumers

Below is a map showing the locations of planned new build sites across Hampshire.  To help consumers make an informed choice about moving to these locations we have colour coded the pins with information regarding broadband provision.

Green pins indicate locations where plans are in place for superfast broadband. If you are a developer and have secured a contract for superfast broadband that we are not aware of (i.e. not shown on the map) please email with details, please include the name and location of the site (these details are available by clicking the pin).

Hampshire County Council will use your details to contact you about any changes to Broadband provision within your area. Your details will not be shared with any third party and will be stored securely until the programme is completed, whereafter they will be deleted.


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