Despite significant challenges of trying to install better broadband infrastructure in the New Forest, work for Brockenhurst 2 is underway and is being progressed as quickly as possible.
Due to its sensitive location in the New Forest, there is a lot of background work required to gain the necessary approvals and consents, before work can be carried out ‘on the ground’.

The latest update from BT is that the cabinet is due to be put in place late August 2017 and connected to power late September 2017.

A more detailed update is as follows:

Prior approval planning applications were sent in early February 2017. Sent to NFNPA but awaiting to go to the verderers? … We are still waiting for the approvals from New Forest National Park Authority for the Prior Approval Applications for all of the Cabinets, up to 56 days

A wayleave to place the DSLAM on private land has been signed. We are waiting for another wayleave to be signed by the Forestry Commission (amended plan sent05/04/17, expected mid may?).

Route for the fibre cables
The route for the cabling went close to a road bridge that unfortunately collapsed due to erosion in 2016. Repair work to the bridge was completed in the first half of 2017.

Ecology and habitat works for new duct
A new 94m duct is required to replace one that became blocked due to tree roots on Rhinefield Road. 30m of this new duct is on a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and the council’s ecology team are due to carry out a Habitats Regulations Assessment. This is to ensure that the valuable environment is not compromised by any works, in accordance with environmental legislation. Natural England, the governing body, has been informed of this.

The Verderers Court approved the duct at the end of April.
12/05 - Awaiting for the Power payment to clear ?
18/05/17 - Asked Wayleaves to chase for the signature of Wayleave. There is an issue with fees for him dealing with Wayleaves. It is being discussed with Wayleave manager and Forestry Commission.

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