Despite significant challenges of trying to install better broadband in the New Forest, Sway 3 is one of our priorities and it is being progressed as quickly as possible.

The nature of installing new cabinets and other broadband infrastructure is such that a lot happens behind the scenes and only a fraction of the work involved will be seen 'on the ground'. The most recent update for Sway 3 is as follows:

Consents and wayleaves
We are working with the Forestry Commission and the Verderers Court to get the necessary consents. The Verders Court have approved the power supply for the cabinet, which is good news.

Currently we are waiting for a wayleave to be signed by the Forestry Commission for the ducting (the tubes and trenches into which the cables will be laid). The land is owned by the Crown Estate, and the Forestry Commission are acting on their behalf to agree wayleaves.

The Forestry Commission also need to sign a wayleave with Scottish and Southern Electric (SSE) giving approval to lay the cables to power the cabinet. SSE allow up to 18 weeks to do this, which is the standard terms that they operate to. This is part of the reason why it seems like nothing is happening, when progress is being made, albeit slowly.

Cabinet Location
It has been very difficult to find a suitable location for this cabinet. A suitable site had been found but a site visit revealed a new ditch has been dug in the preferred location. Extra work is underway to make the site stable enough for the cabinet to be put in place.

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