State Aid Public Consultation - March 2014

Date: March 2014

Superfast Extension Programme - Faster broadband for Hampshire


To hear views from businesses, communities and residents about the proposed Hampshire Superfast Broadband Programme. Using government funding and matched public sector investment, the Hampshire Superfast Broadband Programme aims to intervene and extend superfast broadband coverage from 90% of premises by 2015 to 95% of premises by 2017. Superfast broadband will be made available to an additional c.27,000 premises not deemed commercially viable by telecommunications companies.


The current superfast broadband programme will see coverage lifted from 80% of premises to 90% by the end of 2015. The County Council has announced plans to extend this coverage from 90% to 95% by 2017.

As part of the State Aid approval process Hampshire County Council invites comment from telecommunications providers, businesses and residents regarding the scope, aims and objectives.

This is an opportunity for any telecommunications providers that did not respond to the Open Market Review (OMR), together with members of the public, businesses or other suppliers to tell us of any plans they have to enable broadband in our intervention area, or add comments or other service delivery details. The intervention area is described by the yellow area on the Big Picture map.

The programme aims to deliver 24Mbps or more to 95% of premises in Hampshire by 2017. This will be provided using a mix of technologies.

Combining demand stimulation programmes with marketing and advertising it is hoped to drive take up and penetration to a point where the programme can reach beyond the 95% target within the funds available.

Alternative Network providers: Hampshire County Council has identified a number of smaller independent wireless networks operating within the County Council area. The coverage they provide has been considered when classifying postcodes for White, Grey, Black status.

Your Views

Your views on this consultation are invited.

Responses are requested by 5pm on 11 March 2014 via email or write to:

Hampshire Superfast Broadband Programme
Hampshire County Council
The Castle
SO23 8UJ


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