2014 State Aid Closure Notice

Closure Notice

The State Aid Public Consultation is now closed. The County Council has submitted its State aid (Part 1) notification to the National Competence Centre (NCC), which oversees the UK National Broadband Scheme. The NCC approved the Intervention Area on 21st November 2014, and the Intervention Areas mapped have been confirmed as eligible for public sector intervention for the next stage of Hampshire Superfast Broadband Programme.

During the Consultation period, the Hampshire Superfast Broadband Programme received an update of future planned deployments from the following suppliers: BT Openreach, Virgin Media, HiWifi, CTIL, VTesse, Vodafone and Level 3 Communications.

Only BT Openreach provided a new dataset, which later resulted in minor changes to the final area considered for the later extension of the project.

Additional smaller suppliers were also contacted, however their input didn’t result in any changes to the intervention area.

For more details, please see the State Aid Public Consultation - Closure Notice document.


The final State Aid maps for NGA Broadband and Basic Broadband reflecting the above changes are shown below:

  1. Next Generation Access (NGA) Broadband service availability  

  2. Basic Broadband Availability

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