Why isn't it available in my area?

The final 2.6%

We are awaiting news from central government about business models and technology solutions and whether any additional funding will be made available to address the last 4% of premises in Hampshire (5% nationally) that we are currently unable to bring superfast broadband to.

Business Parks

Many Business Parks already have excellent broadband services because the local landlord has invested in the necessary infrastructure.

The Hampshire Superfast Broadband programme aims to upgrade connections to as many business parks as possible but the relatively low number of customers per square kilometre (when compared to housing estates) results in Business Parks being surprisingly expensive to bring services to.

Therefore we tend to upgrade residential areas before we reach business parks.

However, this policy does still benefit businesses because so many people want to start their own companies and so many companies want staff to work from home.

97.4% coverage and Gainshare mechanism

We are working hard to ensure that as many of Hampshire's residents as possible have access to superfast connections. At the moment, the funds available in the Hampshire Superfast Broadband Programme will extend superfast broadband coverage to at 97.4% of the county by the end of the programme. 

However, we are working on plans to extend that coverage even further. The programme includes a 'clawback' mechanism, which could result in additional funds being made available for reinvestment to cover some of the remaining 2.6% of the county.

Our roll-out plan will reach as many areas as possible using the funds available. The areas to be upgraded have been chosen on the basis of value for money. For some areas, it might mean building the network from existing points first and then introducing new infrastructure later. It might result in only parts of a given area being given access in the first stages of the project.

The roll-out plans are also influenced by local geography, planning requirements, existing infrastructure including electricity supplies. The established timescales can be affected by external factors such as the requirement for planning permissions, availability of electricity, landscape, and even bad weather.

If your area isn't currently covered by our superfast roll-out plans we still might be able to help you get better broadband access. For more information visit our Alternative Solutions and Self-funding pages.

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