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Please note: if you can access superfast broadband, you won't automatically get faster speeds. Our project provides the technology and infrastructure that will allow local residents and businesses to sign up for the service via a choice of Internet Service Providers. To upgrade to the new speeds, you need to order it from an Internet Service Provider.

Follow our simple step by step guide on how to get Superfast Broadband.

Step 1 - Is it available in my area?

To check the availability in your area simply enter your address in the Openreach website

This gives you information on whether you are in the programme to get superfast broadband where you live or if you already have access.

If you can already get superfast broadband, it will either FTTC (Fibre-to-the-Cabinet) or FTTP (Fibre-to-the-Premises).

Step 2 - Choose the best service

If superfast broadband is available where you live, you can now find providers and compare packages and prices.

Stay on the Openreach website and click on ‘View providers' to get a list of suppliers that offer FTTP or FTTC broadband packages. Alternatively, you can also look at price comparison sites such as Uswitch, Cable, Broadband Genie, Money Supermarket, Compare The MarketGo CompareBroadband Switch and Choose.

Please note, the provider you are currently with may not offer superfast services – check the link above to see if they are listed.

Step 3 - Place your order

Once you’re happy with your choice of contract, contact the broadband provider directly to sign-up and arrange installation. Remember there are a wide range of packages available with each provider so make sure you choose one that suits your needs and budget.

Service not available?

If superfast broadband is not available to you, you may fall into the final 2.6% of premises in Hampshire for whom there is no funding or plans to connect to at the moment.

The speeds received at your property are also dependent upon the distance of your property from the broadband cabinet to which you are associated (this applies to FTTC connections only.) Typically, properties must be within a 1200 m line length of the cabinet to receive superfast speeds (24 Mbps or above); if you are located over 2km away from the cabinet it is unlikely you will see an improvement in your speeds. You can view a list of upgraded cabinets here.

You can also explore other options such as the Rural Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme. For all alternative solutions see: www.hampshiresuperfastbroadband.com and go to the Alternative Solutions tab at the top of the page.

Register your interest

If Superfast Broadband is not currently available in your area, register with us so we can inform you as soon as it goes live.

Why go superfast?

Superfast broadband can make everyday activities quicker and easier. Benefits include:

  • No buffering while streaming TV/films and gaming
  • The ability to use several devices at once with no interference
  • More reliable internet connections – for working or learning from home
  • Quicker online shopping, banking and more

What’s stopping you?

Concern: It’s too expensive

Reality: It could be cheaper or similar to your current contract Sometimes older standard broadband packages are outdated and more costly than new superfast broadband packages. Shop around – check the provider list on the Openreach website and use a comparison checker to find the best deal for you.

Concern: I’m tied into a contract

Reality: Many people are unaware of when their contracts expire Check your contract. If you can’t find it, call your provider who should be able to tell you when your contract expires. If you do decide to change providers, you only have to notify the company you wish to move to as they will make it all happen.

Concern: I won’t get the speeds I’m promised

Reality: This shouldn’t be the case any more. Internet service providers now have to give a minimum guaranteed speed at the point of sale. This will make it a lot easier to know what to expect.

A guide to better broadband

The communications regulator, Ofcom, has published a useful guide on how to get more for less from your broadband.

Find out when Superfast Broadband is coming to your area

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