Superfast broadband for your business

In an age when almost everything is done online, from order management to customer communications; cloud storage to cyber security, fast, reliable broadband is essential to improve business operations. 

Superfast Broadband provides easier access to the newest technologies that can help both new entrepreneurs and existing businesses alike.  

Find out if you can get superfast broadband by typing in your postcode in the checker on the right.

Why go superfast? Advantages for businesses include:

Cut Cost

Work from home and hold video meetings to save time and travel costs.  
Reduced need for printing due to reliable online access

Be more efficient

Quick uploads and downloads, instant messaging and fast internet access  
Easy access to shared files via cloud storage plus customer data - accessible from multiple devices at the same time 

Build better relationships

Easy access to customer and supplier communications thanks to a faster network. 
Ability to access to up-to-date, live information (depending on applications used) 
All leading to a better customer experience 


Exchange ideas and simultaneously work on the same projects or documents with multiple colleagues or teams across different locations. 

Access & control your data from anywhere

Make the most of cloud computing and safely store, access and edit data in the digital space.

Go global

Access new markets and promote your products worldwide from the comfort of your desk. A fast and reliable network will ensure that you can connect to and interact with new customers and suppliers from anywhere and at any time.

What now? 

If superfast broadband hasn’t reached your area yet, register your interest and we’ll let you know if it is due to arrive.  

Alternatively, the Gigabit Voucher Scheme offers businesses in Hampshire the chance to get funding for a hyperfast internet connection (with speeds of one gigabit or 1,000 Mbps). 

If you can get superfast broadband you can also compare packages and prices to find the best deal for you.  

You can do this by using a price comparison website or by asking your current Internet Service Provider how much it would cost to switch to superfast.  

There is also a list of providers on the Openreach website. Simply type in your address to confirm internet speeds at your property (If they are 24Mbps or more, you can get superfast speeds). Then go to 'Click here to see a list of home broadband providers' to get a list of suppliers that offer superfast broadband packages.  


Find out when Superfast Broadband is coming to your area

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