Plans are already in place to ensure 97.4% of Hampshire’s homes and businesses have access to Superfast Broadband. Unfortunately, there will be a small number of locations which we are unable to reach at this time, and these communities may be interested in self- funding a solution.

The County Council appreciates that superfast broadband is a priority issue for many communities and is keen to help those which it cannot afford to reach with the current superfast broadband programme.

BT Openreach has a scheme which allows communities to enter into direct contracts with them provided that they meet specific criteria. The County Council can help facilitate this process by arranging a meeting between your community and BT Openreach. This meeting will provide community representatives with information about the layout and services provided by the current phone network and the challenges and costs involved in upgrading the local broadband infrastructure to offer superfast services. The community can then decide whether to pursue this further and raise the necessary funding privately.

Several communities have already entered into self-funded contracts to bring faster connections to their area. The village of Rotherwick, near Hook, was one of the first in the country to enter into this type of agreement and several other communities have followed in their footsteps, more details can be found via the following links:

  1. Rotherwick case study
  2. Beaulieu Self-funded broadband solution
  3. Ditcham Self-funded broadband solution

If you are interested in exploring self-funding, please take a look at BT's community fibre webpage, where you can find out more and contact BT directly.

There are alternative solutions that might be appropriate when a BT Openreach self-funded solution isn't viable or cost-efficient.

If you require further assistance please email

Please note: 

  • Self-funding can help communities in the last 2.6% of premises which are not included in current plans. 
  • Self-funding is not an option available to communities that are already included in the Superfast Broadband Programme.

Hampshire County Council will use your details to contact you about any changes to Broadband provision within your area. Your details will not be shared with any third party and will be stored securely until the programme is completed, whereafter they will be deleted.

Find out when Superfast Broadband is coming to your area

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