Broadband via Satellite

Where there is no suitable coverage from a mobile phone network, getting broadband via satellite is an option. It is particularly suitable if you live in a more remote area.

How it works

Satellite broadband works in a similar way to satellite TV, but enables two-way communication so you can send and receive information. So to use satellite broadband, you’ll need a satellite dish attached to your property.


  • Satellite broadband can be provided almost anywhere, so is particularly useful for remote locations that don’t have fixed broadband or even mobile coverage.
  • The only requirement is that there is a clear line of sight to the sky.


  • Satellite broadband can be more expensive than traditional broadband services
  • Download speeds can vary but tend to be slower than fibre broadband.
  • Many providers have data caps in order to manage demand. So, it is vital that you check costs, speeds, and how much data allowance is included for the price.

Find out more

For further advice, the communications regulator, Ofcom, has useful information about satellite broadband.



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