Broadband Options

The aim of the Hampshire Superfast Broadband Programme is to ensure as many people as possible in Hampshire can access superfast broadband. We do this by working with our delivery partner Openreach to build infrastructure across the region.

However, our funding will not reach everyone in the county. To find out whether you have access to superfast broadband use our postcode checker.

If superfast broadband is not available where you live, there are government plans to extend coverage further by 2025, so we may well be able to reach you if we get more funding in the future.

However, there other ways to get broadband that you may wish to consider in the meantime. Click on the name of each scheme to find out more, including eligibility criteria.


Current speed criteria

Minimum new speed

Group or individual


Suitable for

Check if broadband is already available

Everyone should check to see if they can access fast, reliable broadband already – use our postcode checker to find out what is available where you live. If superfast broadband is available where you live, ask your internet service provider about it and/or go to a comparison website to compare prices.

The Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme


Must have less than 100Mbps

At least 30Mpbs

Group (2 or more residents and/or businesses)

Up to £1,500 (residents)

Up to £3,500 (business)

First choice for those living in rural areas to get superfast broadband

The Right to Decent Broadband (The USO)


Must have less than 10Mbps

At least 10Mbps


Up to £3,400

Useful if your broadband speed is extremely low but will not necessarily provide superfast speeds

Broadband via the mobile network


No criteria

No set minimum. Depends on mobile contract


None. This works via a mobile contract with the network provider.

Useful for those living in areas with good mobile phone coverage (reception) and where the above options are inadequate or too expensive

Broadband via satellite

No criteria

No set minimum. Speeds up to 30Mbps are possible depending on

Individual but a group will make this option more affordable

None. This works via a contract with the satellite broadband  provider

Useful for rural/remote areas where there is no mobile coverage and other options are not viable

Community broadband providers

No set minimum

No set minimum


Can be used in conjunction with UKGV


For areas where a community broadband provider is operating – these usually offer a service in a specific locale where there is enough demand


For further advice, the communications regulator, Ofcom, has a useful information on its website on how to boost your broadband.


Find out when Superfast Broadband is coming to your area

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