The Bannings - seamless connection improves family life

Getting better connected

When the Mr & Mrs Banning’s son was about to start school they realised that Internet access could offer numerous advantages to help him make the most of his newly started education.

Here’s how they were able to find an alternative solution which has transformed their lives…

World’s End – a ‘not spot’

The Bannings live in Hambledon near World’s End where there is no broadband availability at all. For years they struggled with a very slow and uncertain dial-up connection making even casual Internet use challenging.

“World’s End began to feel like a very appropriate name,” said Mrs Banning. “As well as no broadband we were also unable to get a mobile phone signal so we couldn’t look to that as a solution to improve our internet connection.”

As the family’s needs changed the Bannings needed to find a workable solution. “Our son was about to start school and we wanted to help him on his learning adventure. Schools need children to be ‘mouse ready’ for school as computers are used routinely. We realised our son would be disadvantaged if we didn’t have reliable internet access at home. Plus I was aware that increasingly schools communicate with parents via email or text to send general information home not to mention the fact that homework might be sent by email.”

Finding a solution

Things were about to change as the Bannings signed up to Hampshire County Council’s Superfast Broadband campaign.

“As well as signing up to the campaign we looked at the Alternative Solutions page and found a reference to broadband accessible via satellite.” said Mrs Banning.

Mrs Banning says they spent around £500 installing the dish, which included the cost of a router and a brick plinth to make it look more in-keeping with the surrounding area. They also have to pay a monthly fee for the service of £25.

"The solution was a bit costly to start with but it was definitely worth it! After the initial installation now we have constant access to services that were otherwise unavailable."

Connected to life

Now the whole family can benefit from a faster connection. “My husband can now work more flexibly and my son is not held back with his learning – in fact we spent a very enjoyable time together recently researching the Great Fire of London.

Accessing services on-line has also become much easier: "We also have a baby daughter and sometimes it is not easy to get out to do the grocery shop so it has been wonderful being able to do that online too. We are now connected to the rest of life and it is wonderful!”


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