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Linda Cheung , CEO of Connectegrity, based near Basingstoke found that slow broadband was one of the challenges for her new business when she recently chose to re-locate to Hampshire from London.

What does Connectegrity do?

We provide software for professionals to win business through social media. Clients told us acquisition of new business was their number one priority. So, taking that feedback on board, we’re building a product that helps identify prospects, reconnect with previous clients and provide actions to build profitable relationships. Our software convert contacts into clients and conversations into new business.

Connectegrity is now working with the Thames Valley Innovation and Growth team as part of their Start-up Accelerator Programme for high-growth companies.

What made you choose to start your own business and re-locate to Hampshire?

Much as I had loved the buzz of the City and working in a great blue-chip environment, I’d always had a yearning to run my own business one day. And Basingstoke? It just made good business sense: lower cost of living, in the heart of the UK’s Silicon Valley and with great transport links back to London.

I love making things work better. My job had always been about increasing efficiency, productivity and profit - something I achieved through a combination of great people and great technology. Now, with the Internet and the on-going commoditisation of IT, many of the tools and technologies pioneered by the corporate giants are available at a fraction of the cost to anyone.

What have the challenges been in starting up your own business and re-locating?

Making those initial contacts and understanding the business environment of the area wasn’t as easy as it could have been. Hiring the right people and being part of the right networks is essential for us. The public and private sectors could work together further to establish the area as a technical hub, so businesses and people are more aware that the region has the skills, networks and infrastructure for businesses to thrive.

As a technical company, broadband is essential for our business. For example, downloads that should have taken just an hour with superfast broadband have taken almost a full working day, while free international Skype conference calls have failed, requiring us to revert to traditional telephone lines. This has cost us time and money. We also rely upon online training and learning materials for our staff which is more time and cost efficient but we have had difficulties, for example if several of our staff want to view training videos at the same time.

How will faster broadband help your business?

It will help our clients to sign up and use our tools faster. We offer software as a service so the success of both our business and the businesses of our clients would be greatly helped by faster broadband.

Why are you backing Hampshire County Council's campaign to bring Superfast broadband to all areas of Hampshire?

As a tech start-up developing software for professionals to win business through social media, we’re backing the Superfast broadband campaign so that we can compete equally with urban areas, and we and our clients can grow and win business superfast!








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