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Improving Hampshire’s broadband

Improvement of broadband is a priority for the County Council and we are investing a combined total of £28.4m of public funds to increase coverage from 80% to more than 95% of premises across Hampshire. The commercially funded rollout of superfast broadband, conducted by BT and Virgin, will reach around 80% of premises. The Hampshire Superfast Broadband Programme has built on this and extended coverage to 90% of premises at the end of 2015. We have plans in place to reach more than 95% of premises in the county by September 2018.

Digital infrastructure is important to the viability and long-term sustainability of rural communities. Our investment will reach communities that have been left out of national broadband plans; service providers invest in more densely populated neighbourhoods, where there are greater numbers of people to use their services.

What factors will influence the rollout schedule?

The roll out schedule is designed to reach the most premises in the shortest possible time. The County Council and BTOpenreach co-ordinates with other utilities to bring the least possible disruption to communities. 

What about areas with poor basic broadband coverage?

The UK Government is offering a Basic Broadband Subsidy scheme to support people living in properties that have fixed line connections offering speeds below 2Mbps. You can read more about and apply for the Better Basic Broadband scheme here.

What is the delivery timetable ?

To find out more about delivery plans for your area, please visit the hompage of our website and enter your postcode into the green postcode checker box, as shown below.



How is this programme funded? 

Wave 1 of the programme was funded by central government, Hampshire County Council, District and Borough Councils. This first wave of the programme to extend coverage from 80% to 90% of premises was completed in March 2016.

Wave 2 of the programme, which will extend coverage to 96% of premises, is funded by Hampshire County Council and the Department for Culture Media and Sport (DCMS). The table below provides a detailed breakdown of the funding sources to date.


Hampshire County Council Funding

District and Borough Council Funding

Central Government Funding

BT Funding

Total Funding

Wave 1
upgrade from
80% to 90%











DCMS Additional Funding



 _ £1m

Innovation Fund



 _ £1.2m

Wave 2
upgrade from 
90% to 96%










Total Funding








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